There's not that much to go wrong with a cable, it's a pretty simple piece of equipment and all the really clever technology is in the car and the charge point.

However very occasionally a cable may suddenly stop working.

It can be difficult to know what the issue might be but there are a few checks that can be done to try and narrow down the cause of the problem.

1.  Moisture in the pins
You may want to check if the pins in the connectors are free from moisture. If a cable has been left out in the open, perhaps without the rubberised caps on, moisture can build up externally on the pins, especially if it's been raining or the weather has been damp/cold. If an EV car detects moisture it will not charge. Apart from a visual check, another way of ensuring that the cable is moisture free is by keeping it in a dry environment for a few days where it can dry out.

2. Broken CP wire

Each charging cable contains a 0.5mm signal CP wire. This is the thickness of a human hair and can be easily broken by twisting and bending the cables. Please take care and time to wind up and take out the cables without undue twisting. A broken CP wire is classed as abuse and not covered under warranty. A classic sign is that the cable has been used for many months without issue and suddenly stopped working.

3. Issue with charging point
It can be that there is an issue with the charge point the cable is being used on. To see if this is that case, its a good idea to try charging at an alternative charge point. If the car charges at an alternative location with the cable, then you may want to let the charge point operator/supplier know that there might be an issue with the charging point.

4. Issue with the vehicle 
If there doesn't seem to be any moisture on the pins and the cable still doesn't work when tried at an alternative charge point, it may be that the vehicle has an issue. To see if this is the case charging the vehicle with an alternative cable will help. If an alternative cable doesn't successfully charge the car then there may be an issue with the car and we'd recommend letting the car dealership know.

If these checks have been carried out and the car still won't charge using the cable bought from us, then we'd recommend sending the cable to us for testing/repair/replacement.
A 'Warranty Return' can be requested by raising a support ticket here.